Wedding Blessings & Renewal of Vows

Wedding Blessings & Renewal of Vows

We are always delighted when a couple wishes to seek God’s blessing on their marriage.  Many couples, who have had a civil wedding, decide they would like to dedicate their marriage to God in church sometime afterwards.  A husband and wife can have their marriage blessed in church, whether they got married in the UK or abroad.  For couples who marry abroad, it can be a way of ensuring more family and friends can celebrate the marriage if they were unable to travel to another country for the legal marriage.

A service of blessing:

  • It is a simple service acknowledging the commitment already made between husband and wife during a civil ceremony and asks for God’s blessing and guidance in your new life together.
  • Because it is not a marriage service, banns are not required, there is no exchange of rings and there is no signing of the Register.
  • It can be designed to have a similar feel to a wedding with hymns, readings, flowers and even bells if you would like that, or it can be an intimate, low key service.

Many couples have opted for this service where one or both of them is remarrying after divorce.  If this is your situation,  Rev Justin Groves will be happy to  offer guidance on remarrying in church or having a blessing.


 Option 1:

A short service of prayer, reflection and a blessing.  This can, if wanted, include the renewal of marriage vows.  This would last typically 15-20 minutes and would usually be a very small gathering or even just the couple and the Vicar.

Option 2:

A longer service approximately an hour or so.  The service itself is more or less like an actual wedding service – but with renewal of marriage vows.  We can provide an organist if required and have various sound and visual kit that can be used.

Booking Form

We have devised this downloadable booking form to help with our admin, but also to help us know what exactly you would like.  This also gives us a chance to share some practicalities around such an occasion.  Most importantly this form means we can be praying for you, your family and friends.