Eleanor started writing songs to sing with St Stephen’s during the first lockdown of 2020. She enjoys writing with others in the church and with the Resound Worship 12 Song Challenge community. Here you can find some rough demos, lead sheets, chord charts and chordpro for a few of her songs. If you sing them with your church, please report usage to CCLI, and do get in touch if you have found them useful or if you are interested in writing together.


You in me

Lead sheet       Chord chart      ChordPro

God, You help me get up
You fill up my cup
Until it is overflowing
When I’m stuck in a trial
You give me a smile
No matter how life is going
God, You help me to see
What my purpose will be
I’m reborn to be free
With You in me

You’re the lithium in my battery
You’re the battery in my model steam engine
You’re the steam engine pulling my train
And You’re the train that keeps me on track all the time

You’re the sun that’s shining on my tree
You’re the tree that is bearing my little branch
You’re the branch that is growing my fruit
And You’re the fruit that gives me my vitamin C

Not in my strength alone
But with Your Spirit I go
I can put all my faith in You

You’re the satellite for my GPS
You’re the GPS needed by my Google Maps
You’re the map that will show me my path
And You’re the path that leads me to fullness of life

CCLI: 7239461      Words and Music: © Eleanor Law (Admin by


When I stop

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When I stop I remember
I am not just what I do
In Your arms I surrender
Every part belongs to You
To let go, Lord, I must
Rest and know that I trust
You are all I will ever
Need to serve and to pursue

A place is set aside
A house where You reside
There’s a time to just abide
In You, Lord

This is our taste of Eden
In Your power we are renewed
There’s no need to be hidden
There’s no need to be subdued
Work is good, but there’s more
Now we’re stood, just in awe
We are freed and forgiven
Not by deeds but by Your wounds

CCLI: 7239454      Words and Music: © Eleanor Law (Admin by


We are one body

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Baptised in one Spirit
We share in one bread
By Your love united
When Your blood was shed
When a member rejoices
We share in the fun
When one of us suffers
We bear pain as one

We are one body
The body of Christ
And one day You’ll perfect us
To make us Your bride

You make us all different
With gifts You provide
By name you have called us
To a place where we thrive
No one is faultless
It’s easy to blame
Lord, teach us forgiveness
And restore us again

As Your church unified
Loving diversity
We honour every part
Wherever we come from
Whatever we’ve done
In this family there’s a new start

CCLI: 7239133      Words and Music: © Eleanor Law (Admin by


A storm is brewing

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A storm is brewing
The sea is rolling
Our eyes are turning
To the Lord
How is He sleeping
When we are working?
He is not stirring!
Wake up, Lord!

We will not fear
You say “Be still!”
Our turmoil turns to peace
We will not drown
Here calm is found
You save and set us free

What kind of man is this?
Even the wind and the waves obey Him!

CCLI: 7239460      Words and Music: © Eleanor Law (Admin by