Sparks & Creche

Sparks & Creche

Our Sunday 10:30 am service is suitable for all ages, with creative activities for children available on individual tables. Please contact us to let us know you are coming if at all possible.

Because of the Covid restrictions, we have not yet re-opened our Sunday children’s group. When things return to normal:

First of all we want families with children to feel welcome at  St Stephen’s  and be relaxed. God put the wiggle in children, so don’t feel you have to suppress those wiggles if you come along!

What Happens on a Sunday Morning?
During the first part of the service, the whole church family worship together. Then the children usually go with the children’s team to do their own exciting activities. This lasts for approximately 40 minutes. Usually, they are so busy enjoying themselves, that they forget to come back and share with everyone what they have been doing!

Crèche  (0-4 years)
For the very little ones, we have created a creche area to the side of the main church. You are welcome to take your babies and toddlers into this area at any time during the service. There’s somewhere to sit and a lovely selection of toys to keep the children entertained. You will need to stay with them, but will be able to see and hear the service.

Sparks (4-11 years)
Our children’s ministry is called ‘Sparks’ and is run by a dedicated team, who will do everything to give your child a fun, exciting and safe time as they learn about Jesus and grow in faith.  The sessions will take place in the church hall. Content will vary,  but will include games, an interactive Bible story (possibly with puppets or drama), prayer, lively worship songs with actions, and art, craft or other activities.

Older Children
We don’t currently have a specific group on a Sunday for older children, but if you come and need a group for them, I’m sure will come up with one! We also love to find ways to involve them in the life of the church. Come and chat about what they’d like to do!